The programme

BALTICLEAD is a leadership programme aiming to build a new paradigm of entrepreneurship that encompasses both human and planetary opportunity. The programme is open to residents from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine who are between 25-40 years-old.

The programme, co-hosted by Swedish Institute and Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), Stockholm University, applies key concepts from systems thinking and resilience science. The SRC specializes in these concepts, and through teaching them the programme hopes to build capacities of leaders in order to contribute to transformations needed to actualize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The programme also teaches participants about transformations, and to think across scales: spatially, from the local to global; societally, from individual to global; and temporally, from the past to the future. A number of real-world cases are presented about exemplary work already being done, and the programme features a number of lectures from leaders in their fields.

BALTICLEAD is designed as an initial step in a lifelong journey. The programme hopes to create a new ecosystem of leaders and changemakers that serve both people and the planet, enabling a sustainable thriving world.


The ideal candidate has an entrepreneurial mindset, and an idea that is a sustainable, regenerative, scalable solution to a global problem. This idea should incorporate both society and the environment and can relate to building businesses, social movements, engaging in policy development, or other frontiers.

Candidates should be able to clearly link how the programme will help further develop their idea, and be able to explain what types of expertise they bring to the BALTICLEAD table. While no previous knowledge is necessary to apply, having a basic understanding of any of the following is an asset: systems thinking, resilience, transformation, sustainability science, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), behavioural sciences, or sustainable business.

BALTICLEAD typically runs in the autumn over two one-week periods. Successful candidates are expected to travel, and must be able to attend the programme in its entirety. The programme requires participants’ full focus, meaning that attention must be shifted away from work and personal commitments during programme weeks.